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  • What is PVC inflatable toy cloth?

    If you are looking for a reliable supplier of China PVC Inflatable Toy Cloth, Haining Xingji New Material Co., Ltd. is a perfect choice. We specialize in manufacturing inflatable tarpaulin, light box

  • What is Pvc clip mesh?

    PVC clip mesh performance:1. Excellent weathering resistance and extended service life.2. Enhanced resistance to chemical corrosion;3. Has anti-ultraviolet and anti-oxidation properties;4. With flame

  • What is PVC coated cloth?

    PVC coated Tarpaulin is to add coating agent on the basis of white embryo, the process of PVC coated cloth is in the production process of artificial leather, the plastic particles should be heated an

  • What are the main uses of PVC coated cloth?

    The application of PVC coated Tarpaulin in life is still very extensive, but when faced with such a name, everyone may feel relatively professional and unfamiliar. When you walk on the highway, you ca

  • What are the functions of car tarpaulins?

    1. Under normal circumstances, the car tarpaulin is only suitable for open cars, and a car is covered with a tarpaulin.2. Secondly, when using it, you need to pay attention to the same sagging height

  • What are the main classifications of tarpaulins?

    Types of tarpaulins 1. Waterproof canvas is a canvas that is processed by a special process for waterproof or moisture-proof, moisture-proof and cold-proof, generally refers to the plastic-coated clot

  • What is the density of tarpaulin?

    The calculation unit of tarpaulin fabric density is in metric system, which refers to the number of warp and weft yarns arranged within 10cm. The size of the density directly affects the physical and

  • What materials are truck tarpaulins made of?

    1. CanvasCanvas, usually woven with 4-7 strands of No. 58, the fabric is dense and durable, and has a certain waterproof performance. Canvas is mainly used for car transportation and cover of open war

  • What are the truck tarpaulin selection guides?

    Method of choosing: 1. PriceIn the price of truck tarpaulin, quality often occupies a certain proportion. Generally speaking, the same area, the price is relatively high, then the quality of the produ

  • What is the main function of swimming pool tarpaulin? ,

    The swimming pool tarpaulin is the swimming pool film. Use a swimming pool tarpaulin, which has a better waterproof effect.First, it's safer. If the tiles are used in the swimming pool, it is easy to